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NLP Practitioner Training

   Bullet NLP contents 

   Bullet NLP practitioner 

   Bullet NLP Practitioner Level 1 

   Bullet NLP Practitioner Level 2 

   Bullet point NLP Master Practitioner contents 

   Bullet point The art of coaching with NLP and Emotional Intelligence  


Neuro-Semantics Training

    Bullet point Neuro-Semantics Contents 

    Bullet point Neuro-Semantics Practitioner

    Bullet point Access Your Personal Genius "Meta-states Level 1" - Release Your Personal genius 

    Bullet point Living Personal genius - Meta-states Level II  

   Bullet point Mind-Lines: The Art Of Verbal Dexterity - Enhanced Re-Languaging Skills 


Other Training

   Bullet point The Social Panorama 

   Bullet point Quantum Reading 

   Bullet point Introduction to Design Human Engineering  

   Bullet point Other training