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Dr L Michael Hall

Photo of Dr. L. Michael Hall

Dr. L. Michael Hall lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

He earned his doctorate in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology with a particular emphasis in psycho-linguistics.

Using the formulations of General Semantics, Michael’s dissertation dealt with the language of four therapies. Before he began running Assertiveness, Negotiation, Communication, Relationships and NLP training, he had a private practice for many years. He studied NLP with Richard Bandler in the late 1980s and became a Master Practitioner and Trainer.


Michael developed the Meta-States Model while modelling resilience in 1994. Following this, he and Dr. Bob Bodenhamer have developed Neuro-Semantics as a unified field model which explores and uses the 4 Meta-Domains of NLP. They initiated THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF NEURO-SEMANTICS®, and have begun to establish Institutes of Neuro-Semantics® in the USA and around the world.

A prolific author, Michael has written and published more than two dozen books including The Spirit of NLP (1996), Dragon Slaying, Meta-States, Mind-Lines, Figuring Out People, The Structure of Excellence, Frame Games, etc.

Michael spends his time researching and modelling, training internationally, and writing. Recent modelling projects have included Sales Excellence, Persuasion, Accelerated Learning, Wealth Building, Women In Leadership, Fitness & Health,