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Denis Bridoux

DENIS BRIDOUX was born in France, where he studied English and Linguistics.

Based in the UK since 1980, he operates as therapist, coach and NLP/NS trainer.

Before doing NLP, Denis was a teacher and a Health Promotion and Sexual Health Manager in the British National Health Service.

Eclectic at heart, and trained among others by Tad James, Robert Dilts and John Grinder, Denis did his Trainer’s Training with Richard Bandler and John LaValle in Munich in 1995. He is one of the few NLP trainers worldwide to have received permission from Richard to run Design Human Engineering® training.

Denis has worked in depth with Michael Hall, the developer of Meta-States®, Frame Games® and of the Neuro-Semantics® model, which integrates at the highest level NLP and General Semantics, and was recently made Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics® for his contributions to the field. He contributed, among others things , to L. Michael Hall’s Mind-Lines book. The first Neuro-Semantics® trainer currently in the UK, he runs Meta-States®, Accessing Personal Genius and Mind-Lines, among other Neuro-Semantics courses both in this country and in France (

His breadth of culture has enabled him to build bridges between very diverse disciplines and to enrich NLP even more as a result. He runs courses both in the UK and in France. Master Practitioner training is unique in Europe and was recently labelled “undeniably the most interesting currently available in the UK.”

Denis was recently published by Open University Press, contributing chapters to Volumes II and III of their “Pink Therapy” series. Denis and Patrick Merlevede ( are currently involved in writing a book on Mentoring & Coaching For Success from a Neuro-Semantic perspective also for Crown House Publishing.

Marrying humour, intellectual rigour and flexibility to enable his participants to learn easily and effortlessly, his enthusiasm for the subjects he presents is contagious.

Denis has been an active member of the Tolkien Society since 1976.