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The Social Panorama

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The Social Panorama

Making sense of our Unconscious Social Landscape

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The Structure of our Social Intelligence


Questions such as these have probably crossed your mind at least once in your life. They can be answered with an avalanche of words or with a cloud of vague abstractions, gestures and metaphors but, until recently, there was no easy, satisfactory, rational explanation to them. However the Dutchman Lucas Derks, a renowned social psychologist, has developed a model which explains all these and many more.

As soon as we learn to sense ‘where’ we locate significant others in our mental space, we begin to understand much more about who we are. Most of all, we learn how, all by ourselves, we have created our cognitive models of the social world. We also learn that, we continuously recreate and reshape this mental space as our perspective on others and ourselves evolves.

Based upon the NLP concept of Submodalities, the Social Panorama Model, which Derks has been working on for well over 10 years, is the best and simplest way, not only to explain a wealth of disparate facts only linked by the way they relate to the very way we relate, but also to resolve a wide range of issues people may have about interpersonal relationships. As such, it is an ideal tool to improve and enhance further your Emotional Intelligence. So, join Lucas to learn how to enhance your relationships and to improve those of your clients, both individually and in groups, in therapy as well as in coaching or consultancy.

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