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Neuro-Semantic Training

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    Bullet point What is Neuro-semantics 

    Bullet point The Neuro-semantics model 

    Bullet point Operational structures of our minds 

    Bullet point NLP, Meta-states and Neuro-semantics 


Denis Bridoux Run Courses:


Bullet point Neuro-Semantics Practitioner

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Bullet point Access Your Personal Genius "Meta-states Level 1" - Release Your Personal genius 

    Bullet point Living Genius
(prerequisite - Accessing Personal Genius)

    Bullet point Living Personal genius - Meta-states Level II  

    Bullet point Living Personal Genius Training "Meta-states level II" - Course Synopsis  

    Bullet point Living Personal Genius Training "Meta-states level II" - Living Genius or the Genius of Living Life to the Full 

Bullet point Mind-Lines: The Art Of Verbal Dexterity - Enhanced Re-Languaging Skills 

    Bullet point Merging NLP and General Semantics


Michael Hall Run Courses:


Modelling Genius

Neuro-Semantics Modelling

Neuro Semantics Cultural Modelling


Other Courses:

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