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NLP Practitioner Contents

Bullet NLP contents


Bullet point Introductory training background 


Bullet point Advanced Motor Skills for living 


Bullet NLP practitioner

Bullet point NLP Course Contents
Bullet point Designed With Your Needs In Mind
Bullet What is NLP?


Bullet Emotional Intelligence and NLP

Bullet Meta-states & Your Emotional Intelligence
Bullet Presuppositions of NLP
Bullet The art of coaching with NLP and Emotional Intelligence

Bullet NLP Practitioner Level 1


Bullet NLP Practitioner Level 2

Bullet NLP Certification
Bullet Enjoy Balancing Theory & Practice
Bullet NLP The Best Possible Deal For You
Bullet Our Standards
Bullet NLP Self Development
Bullet NLP Practitioner Reading Lists


Bullet NLP Master Practitioner


Bullet NLP Psychotherapy & Counselling, Life Coaching & Mentoring


Bullet The art of coaching with NLP+ Emotional Intelligence

Bullet PGPE: Your training body
Bullet Denis Bridoux
Bullet Designed with your needs in mind
Bullet A comprehensive view of NLP/NS & EQ
Bullet Designed With Your Needs In Mind
Bullet Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & NLP
Bullet The 4 Pillars of NLP
Bullet What is Neuro-Semantics & why include it in our training
Bullet NLP+ coaching practitioner contents
Bullet Our standards
Bullet Tutorial
Bullet Certification
Bullet Enjoy balancng theory & practice
Bullet Self development
Bullet Evaluate our own performance
Bullet Favourable conditions
Bullet User-friendly investment options
Bullet Baseline investment for a 16-day training course
Bullet Training conditions
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