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Job description of your unconscious

According to Dr Tad James, the Unconscious Mind:

1. Preserves the body

2. Runs the body

It has a blueprint:

3. Generates, stores, distributes and transmits "energy"

4. Controls and maintains all perceptions,

5. Stores memories:

6. Organises all memories

7. Is the domain of the emotions

8. Represses memories with unresolved negative emotions

9. Presents repressed memories for "rationalisation"

10.Keeps repressed emotions repressed for protection

11.Is child-like

12. Does not process negatives

13. Is a highly moral being

14.Is a servant, follows orders

15.Takes everything personally

16. Is symbolic

17.Takes everything literally

18. Works on the principle of least effort

19.Responds with instinct and habits

20. Needs repetition for long term projects

21.Is programmed to seek out more and more

22.Does not need parts to function


© Tad James (reprinted with permission)/DCB